GRE (Graduate Record Examination) thoroughly tests a student’s ability in terms of analytical writing, mathematics, verbal reasoning, critical thinking and vocabulary. GRE is the most widely accepted examination by universities to determine a candidate’s eligibility for a postgraduate program like MS, MBA, MEM or doctoral degree in USA, Canada and many European Universities. Many business schools are also accept GRE score. GRE is designed, developed and conducted by ETS. The Subject GRE evaluates candidate’s knowledge in their related field.

How to apply for the GRE exam:

For GRE registration you need to follow certain steps.

1. Create an account on ETS website

The first step is to create an account on the official ETS site. Only then can you could apply for the GRE, view your GRE scores and also send the universities of your choice your report for admission.

2. Select the test centers and GRE exam date

Select carefully the nearest or the best center. Block your date and time for the exam. Keep in mind that you’ll need to spend 4 hours at the test centre so choose wisely.

3. Fill your personal details and verify them

Before you pay the application fee you need to fill in all the mandatory details that are asked in the form with red asterisks. You can even buy official GRE study material during the application process.

4. Pay the GRE fee

Here a question arises, “How much does the GRE cost?”.

The GRE exam fee varies depending on the country you take it in but you can expect to pay between USD$200 and USD$240.

This fee is for an international test taker. For GRE-test takers in the US, the price is a little bit lower now.

This fee is to be paid using accepted forms of payment.

After the completion of payment a confirmation mail with selected GRE exam date, time, test center address and some other information regarding the application will be received.

Once you’ve created your GRE login on the ETS website you can apply, view or even cancel your application, get GRE Diagnostic services, buy materials and get notifications about your test and scores.

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